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To a School Owner Ready for More Enrollments, Fast,

Here�s the deal: a great website converts just 5% of browsers into buyers. Which begs the question�

What happens to the other 95%?

Well, some might come back and sign up another day. But the truth is� most are gone with the wind.
They're simply lost prospects. That is, until now.

We've created a Done-for-You program that snags as many of these "window shoppers" as
possible� and converts them into your paying students. It also inspires even more loyalty
and retention in your current students.

Read on to learn all about it. And if you feel it�s something that could help your biz � just like it�s helped
dozens of school owners already� then make the very-affordable investment and get started today.

I'll tell you one thing though: for my own school, I wouldn�t go a day without it.

To your success,
Michael Parrella - CEO, FC Online Marketing - Owner, Master Parrella's Martial Arts Center

The Martial Arts Email Machine:
Full of Student-Grabbing Features

Done-for-You Email Marketing Means You Do Nothing... And Still Profit.

We've researched just about every target market in martial arts to produce content that sells. Then we took that research and crafted a perfect blend of targeted content & powerful sales messages to get you more students. And we even set your emails to be automatically delivered to anyone who opts in to your website.

All you have to do is greet your new enrollments when they show up at your door. Fair enough?

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Pays for Itself with Your First
New Enrollment.

The Email machine is so affordable, it literally pays for itself with the first new student you get. Given the results that schools using Email Machine are achieving... we feel confident saying that it'll pay for itself many times over.

In fact, we stand behind Email Machine's results to the fullest, which is why we offer 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Become Your Community's Premier Expert.

We've spent hours upon hours on in-depth target market research... for practically every niche of martial arts. As a result, every week of the year, targeted content will be sent to your email list. This content addresses key problems that your prospects have, and delivers practical, powerful advice their way.

The result? You'll bond with your market, and become an expert in their eyes... without ever actually lifting a finger. After all, no one has to know that we're behind the scenes doing this for you.

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Messages Customized for Adult Martial Arts, Kids Programs, MMA & More.

We currently offer email marketing programs for the following programs... And each one comes with its own unique content:

  • Kids martial arts (All Styles)
  • Adult martial arts (All Styles)
  • MMA, BJJ & Muay Thai
  • Krav Maga & Self-Defense

Increase Current Student Loyalty & Retention.

The powerful content we craft goes out to your entire email list... including your current students. That means your active students will receive the same powerful information that your prospects will.

They�ll thank you for the information, too, and you�ll become even more of a hero in their eyes. In fact, these emails often get very heartfelt replies of gratitude. Your students will love you even more.

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Larry Batista, Traditional Karate America owner

“I Don’t Waste a Second of My Time, & My School is Still Growing Like Crazy.”

"I used to be all about doing things myself. I'm starting to see how many hours & hours of my life I've wasted... If I'd only started outsourcing stuff sooner, I think I'd be a millionaire by now.

By handing my email marketing over to you, two things have happened:
1. I'm getting WAY more enrollments.
2. I'm not spending a second to get those enrollments.

They just keep coming in from these emails, even while I sleep. I gotta say, I commend you for figuring out how to do this right. No matter how many hours I spent studying this stuff...I still never got these results. Glad there's someone like you out there to set us straight."

Larry Batista, Traditional Karate America, Bethpage

Patrick Kass, Family Karate owner

“You & Your Company Have Earned Yourself One Heck of a Loyal Customer.”

"The autoresponders are bringing me a very nice profit. I've already noticed the boost in response, and I'm hearing from parents that they opted-in like 2 months ago - and just now signed up through one of the emails.

Everything you put out there seems to turn to gold for me and my school. You and your company have earned yourself one heck of a loyal customer. Thanks!"

Patrick Kass, Family Karate, Woodinville

David Ross, NY San Da owner

“Biggest No-Brainer Purchase of All Time.”

"I don't lift a finger... I don't pay outrageous fees... and I get a flood of new enrollments every single month... Can you say no-brainer?

This thing is legit. You've got a great product here, and it's making me and a lot of guys I know a lot of money. Some of us were about ready to close up shop before we met you. Anyway, before we get all mushy here, let me just tell you thanks. You're paving the way for internet marketing for martial arts schools - and helping a lot of people along the way."

David Ross, NY San Da, New York City

Wallace Cupp, American Martial Arts Academy owner

“20+ Years in the Business and I’ve NEVER Seen Results Like These...”

"I've bought magazine ads, newspaper ads, telemarketing, flyers, postcards, direct mail letters, and a gazillion other things. Those things are expensive, and sometimes I feel like I'm shooting at the wind with them. I never know if they're gonna pay for themselves or not.

This program...actually all your programs, are friggin' cheap. And they deliver better results than I've EVER seen. That's 20+ years of experience talking. If that doesn�t speak for how powerful this program is I don't know what will."

Wallace Cupp, American Martial Arts Academy, Houston

Wallace Cupp, American Martial Arts Academy owner

“Just When I Was About to Give Up on E-mail Marketing, I Found This Program.”

�Just as I was about to call my web guy and get rid of our email marketing all together, I came across Michael Parrella, and heard about the success he was having with e-mail. I said �What the Heck?� and gave it a shot. Figured if nothing else I'd just get a refund.

Boy was I wrong about e-mail marketing! These things work like crazy. I thought my website was doing pretty good before. Now it�s an unstopabble enrollment-sucking-machine. Get this, seriously. No need to thank me when your enrollments skyrocket.�

Gus Larrea, Traditional Karate America, Ozone Park

Even more powerful features & benefits:

"Yes! Sign Me Up for the Martial Arts Email Machine now!"


Only $129 $99/month

*Limited Time Offer

"I understand I'll receive top-notch emails* every month that convert prospects into students. These includes a perfect blend of powerful content designed to position me as an expert... and sales writing that brings in new enrollments. Plus you handle the technical setup for me. All I need to do is give my new students an awesome experience."

If you have any of the following programs, you can start profiting from the E-Mail Machine ASAP:

  • Kids martial arts (All Styles)
  • Adult martial arts (All Styles)
  • BJJ, MMA, & Muay Thai
  • Krav Maga & Self Defense


Up to 5 of the above Programs!
8 E-mail Jumpstart Package Per Program $500 Value PER Program!*
5 E-mails / Month Per Program $200 Value PER Program!*
Installation & Set-up online payment$129 FREE with website purchase!
Totally Done-for-You. We handle the technical stuff. We handle the writing.

What are you waiting for? Go for it.

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* Emails provided are yours to use for the lifetime of your subscription, cancellation of your subscription forfeits all rights to use of email machine materials.